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🌍 Launch of Écoles du Monde's FEF+ project: a new step for education in the Boeny Region!

Updated: 2 days ago

This morning, the French Ambassador to Madagascar took part in the first steering committee meeting for the Fonds Équipe France + d'Écoles du Monde project, alongside Charles Gassot, President of the Association.

The Besely Campus, visited by the Ambassador last September, is already home to a kindergarten, an elementary school and a middle school. Thanks to the support of the French Embassy, the campus will be expanded to include a technical and vocational high school focusing on agricultural education, a first in the Boeny Region.

This pilot project aims to become a replicable model in other regions of the country.

This development will be supported by co-financing from AFD - Agence Française de Développement, in partnership with Région Réunion, within the framework of decentralized cooperation with the Boeny Region.

The funding will be used to build the school, set up training programs for staff and students, and strengthen the cooperative ties between the two regions.

The Ambassador praised the project, pointing out that the Écoles du Monde Campus offers inclusive education, innovative French-language teaching and an environment conducive to high-quality education in rural areas.

Stay tuned!


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