L'excellence en brousse



Excellence in the bush

In all of Madagascar, in the bush, one can see certain buildings, more often than not, unoccupied, that certain people call schools, not us. These buildings have neither sanitary blocks, nor housing for the teachers, no electricity, no running water. The decisionmakers building these school have in no case respected the children.


Besely is an extraordinary school which surprises visitors. Designed free of charge by the architect Jean-Paul Viguier, the priority was to use construction materials both local and sustainable without using materials becoming more and more rare in the region.

25,000 unbaked adobe bricks were pressed by the villagers who then built the walls of the school, thereby appropriating the place, a symbol of quality education for the students of Ecoles du Monde.

Also were constructed houses for the school’s director and teachers, a library, a theater, a cafeteria, and housing for the volunteers who come to bring their knowledge in education, energy, agronomy, and astronomy.

Our credo: to accompany the students in all subjects, artistic as well as scientific. 


The students come from far away from the school. Some walk 5 kilometers on foot.

Upon arrival at the school in the morning, they have breakfast, have a shower and brush their teeth. Then they go to class. After class, they have lunch, then they run to chess class, a game which has become their favorite pastime.

On the weekends, Ecoles du Monde organizes fun educational activities, the children come to school to continue to learn while having fun.

EducationHealth, wateragricultural and economical studies are the focus and priority of Écoles du Monde.


Teachers training

The teachers are trained by Coralie, the professor who comes to Besely three weeks each trimester to accompany the teachers in their work. She follows regularly the teachers by Skype.

Learning chess

Fun learning classes are given on the weekends and during holidays, 130 days or more per year.

These classes are given regularly by teaching assistants. The children can perfection, in English and in French, mathematics, science, chess, theater, poetry, astronomy and agronomy.

The sciences and astronomy

In June 2019, we inaugurated an astronomical observatory at our school in Besely.

The goal was to offer the study of science in our school. For the grand joy of the students!



As in France, there is an infirmary in Besely. Students have at least one medical checkup per year and regular follow-up health care for each student.


Stunted growth caused by malnutrition is predominant in Madagascar. The children also suffer from ailments such as skin disease, respiratory problems and frequently have eye infections due to dust and the strong sun.


Water towers

Solar panels

Our school can only function if it has an energy supply.

We have installed 72 solar panels which are connected to batteries. 5 tons of batteries have been installed to provide power for:

The cafeteria which requires 4 freezers and 4 large refrigerators.

For the classrooms which are equipped with LEDs and also for the houses of the director and teachers.

And outside security lighting for the night.


The schools garden

The basic food source of the villagers is based on rice. To augment their efficacy, EDM has put in place scholastic rice fields to teach students the most performing techniques. These practices are then transmitted to the families by the students, and hence to the community. On most sites, complementary school projects such as vegetable gardens and the planting of fruit trees have been initiated.


Since its founding, EDM has planted 350,000 trees in Madagascar.

For each target action, the means put in place are seeking funding for each project, buying saplings, their cultivation in nurseries, teaching technics of preparing  and aerating the soil and putting in place fencing around the young plants.




Since 2018, microcredits have been put in place for people who do not have access to bank loans in order to develop an activity such as commercial, agricultural or artisanal endeavors, by giving them loans at a low interest rate.

In order to give the beneficiaries time to develop their activity, their reimbursements don’t start until the following year. The reimbursements are over 14 months with a sum of under 8€ per month per beneficiary.


Ecoles du Monde is engaged by their side to assure that their projects function and persist: project follow-up,  help with bookkeeping, assistance in marketing strategy, etc. A supervisor in the field was named  for project follow-up with the villagers.

Creation of a junior high school

We have asked the architectural firm Agence ANMA to furnish plans for the junior high school. Construction started in 2020 and the school should open their doors to the first classes in 2021.

We thank our donors and our partners for accompanying us in this combat towards excellence.




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