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The BESELY Campus

Our objective

A self-sufficient campus, a vector for sustainable local development, enabling isolated local populations to settle down and offering a future to their children.


How are we going to get there?

By creating a campus with impact, a place to live for all families, and a crossroads for businesses and local authorities.

A "Pilot" campus

Besely is an unusual campus that takes visitors by surprise. It was graciously designed by architect Jean Paul Viguier, whose priority was to use local, sustainable resources without resorting to materials that are becoming increasingly scarce in the region.


25,000 mud bricks were pressed by local residents, who then erected the walls of the school, making it their own, a symbol of quality education for Écoles du monde students. 

We also built a house for the principal and for the teachers, a library, a theater room, a canteen, and houses to accommodate the volunteers who come to contribute their know-how in education, energy, agronomy, astronomy, etc.

Our credo: to use education and vocational training to give a future to children and families who have nothing.

A place to live

Students sometimes arrive at campus from far away. They can walk up to 5km.

When they arrive, they have breakfast, then shower and brush their teeth. Then they go to class.


After class, they have lunch in the canteen, where several village women work. After lunch, they run off to play chess, which has become their favorite pastime...

The Écoles du Monde weekend organizes edutainment activities, and the children come to campus to continue learning while having fun...

Education, health, water, agriculture and the economy are Ecoles du Monde's top priorities.

Classe sur le Campus de BESELY à Madagascar


Teacher training

The teachers are trained by a "Professeur des écoles", Coralie, who comes on site for three weeks each term to support them in their work. She follows up regularly by skype.

Learning chess

Animation courses are given at weekends and during all vacations, for a total of 130 extra days per year.

These courses are given regularly by animators. Children can improve their skills in English, French, mathematics, science, chess, drama, poetry, astronomy and agronomy.

Science and astronomy

Last July saw the inauguration of an Astronomy Observatory at our Besely campus.

The aim is to bring science into the classroom.
Much to the delight of the children!


The infirmary

Like all schools in France, Besely has an infirmary. The children have a medical check-up at least once a year, and their health is monitored. 

Stunted growth is common in Madagascar due to malnutrition. The children also suffer from skin diseases and respiratory illnesses, and very often have eye problems due to the dust and sun.

Une professeure du Campus de Besely porte un enfant
Les panneaux solaires du campuis de Besely permettent d'atteindre une autonomie énergétique


Water towers
Solar panels

Our campus can only function if it has energy.
We have installed 72 solar panels that are connected to batteries.

A total of 5 tons of batteries have been installed to power the campus :
The canteen, which itself requires 4 freezers and 4 large fridges.
For the classrooms equipped with LEDs, and also for the Headmaster's and teachers' houses. And outside, for campus security at night.

Des élèves du campus de Besely se lavent les mains


Campus gardens

Food security in the villages is mainly based on rice cultivation. To improve its efficiency, EDM has set up campus rice gardens to train schoolchildren in the most effective techniques. These techniques are then passed on by the pupils to their families, and then to the whole community.


On most sites, rice-growing is complemented by complementary school projects, such as vegetable gardening and fruit tree planting.



Since its creation, EDM has replanted over 350,000 trees in Madagascar. 

For each targeted action, the resources deployed include the search for donors to support the project, the purchase of seedlings, their production in nurseries, technical assistance with soil preparation and staking, and local supervision when the seedlings are planted.

Installation du jardin médicinale sur le Campus de BESELY
Construction d'une toiture du Campus de Besely à Madagascar



Microcredits were introduced in 2018 to enable people who cannot access bank loans to develop an entrepreneurial activity in commerce, agriculture or crafts by giving them access to a small loan.

To give microcredit beneficiaries time to develop their business, loan repayments will only begin in N+1. The repayment period will be 14 months for a sum not exceeding the equivalent of €8/month per beneficiary.


Écoles du Monde is committed to working alongside them to ensure that their project runs smoothly and is sustainable: project follow-up, help with accounting, market research, etc. A field manager has been appointed to carry out this follow-up with the villagers.

2020, creation of the college

We called on Agence ANMA to draw up the plans for the college. Construction began in 2020, and the college is due to open its first classes in 2021. 

We would like to thank our donors and partners for following us in this fight for excellence.


2024, creation of the vocational lycée

The construction of the vocational lycée is the third and final phase of a pilot educational programme: from primary school to employment.  


We are appealing to donors and partners who wish to join us in this adventure of excellence in the bush.


The BESELY impact campus aims to use education and vocational training to give a future to children and families who have nothing. In 8 years, with its 40 Madagascan employees, its infrastructure and its connection to the Internet fiber, the campus has become a structuring vector of local development for the BESELY catchment area.

Today, Écoles du Monde's vision is for the BESELY impact campus to become, in 5 to 10 years' time, a self-financing campus of excellence, a key element in regional development and a replicable model.

That's why the BESELY impact campus, Cité de l'Education, is working in partnership with local players, authorities and businesses, who, along with the vocational high school, will find a generation of Malagasy with the skills and qualifications needed for the Boeny region's job market.

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