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Let's get mobilized!

There are many ways you can help us, whether you're an individual, a community or a school.

Are you a local authority?

The law of February 9, 2005 authorizes local authorities to donate up to 1% of their water and sanitation budget to international development projects. These budgets are deducted from users' water bills. The projects initiated by EDM fall within the scope of this law.

Your community can take part in our projects and help improve the living conditions of schoolchildren and villagers in these disadvantaged regions. It's a question of establishing a genuine partnership with a guarantee of implementation on the ground.

Malagasy Week has been organized every year since 2003 at Semur-en-Auxois in Burgundy (Côte d'or) by the association "Aidons Ecoles Du Monde": hiking and cycling tours, crafts, store, grocery store..."


Are you a company?

Your company can be a stakeholder in our projects, helping to improve the living conditions of schoolchildren and villagers in these underprivileged regions. It's all about establishing a genuine partnership with guaranteed implementation on the ground.

This partnership involves EDM :

  • Rigorous, verifiable management (estimates, provision of balance sheets and income statements, etc.).

  • Maximum use of donations for projects: 95% of donations go directly to Madagascar.

  • Information on progress and completion (photos, invoices).

  • Promotion of the partnership in all our information media (website with link to your site, documents, events, media, etc.).

Several forms of support:

  • Financial - with a reduction in income tax (0.05% of revenues)

  • Volunteering in specific skills

  • Events for your company

  • Greeting cards


Run for Madagascar, a solidarity race organized by Initiatives in Le Mans (72) to raise funds and awareness of the cause among children.

Are you a school?

Several forms of support are available within the school environment:


Operation Rice Bowl: 

Rice is the staple diet in the bush, often almost exclusively, leading to deficiencies.

Principle: a canteen meal is replaced by a lighter, all-rice meal.
The difference in price is donated to EDM. In addition, an educational project on Madagascar can be planned with the pupils.

Support operation:

Races, evenings, craft sales, fairs... these activities are most often initiated by teachers, students and parents.

Every year, the Lycée Robert Doisneau in Corbeil-Essones organizes a solidarity race. In addition to this "Course du cœur", which involves covering the distance between Corbeil-Essones and Madagascar
(8,490 km), the students also raised funds by selling Madagascan handicrafts.


De nombreux particuliers nous ont rejoint depuis 25 ans pour effectuer une mission humanitaire ou pour nous financer.

Retrouvez des exemples dans la rubrique témoignages. 

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