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Un petit enfant étudiant du Campus de Besely sur le Campus de Besely regarde l'objectif et pointe son doigt vers celui-ci.

Support us!


Deux jeunes filles étudiantes jouent au sein du Campus de Besely à Madagascar

Make a donation

You can make a donation via our partner HelloAsso or by transferring funds to the Ecoles du Monde account.






Tax relief

A financial donation is the simplest and most effective way to help us. You benefit from a tax reduction (Article 238 bis of the French General Tax Code).

For individuals, this donation entitles them to a tax reduction of 66% of the amount donated, up to a maximum of 20% of taxable income.


A €100 donation to Ecoles du Monde costs just €34.

What are your donations used for?

Notebooks for one class = €40

1 photovoltaic battery = €400

1 solar panel = €540

1 blackboard = €75

1 hand pump for a well = €1,200

Teacher's monthly salary = €100

1 well = €2,400

1 sanitary block = €6,000

Being a volunteer

We need volunteers!
Are you motivated by our projects? Are you a teacher, doctor, engineer, agronomist, botanist (non-exhaustive list)? We need your skills, so if you'd like to help, join us!

At our Paris office, but also all over France, canvassing schools, foundations, companies, local authorities and other donors.

From your home, or your school, to give lessons by Skype to young students or their teachers (French, English, science...)

In Madagascar, at the Besely school, in the bush, for one-off missions (5 to 8 weeks) to support our actions:
- reforestation, 
- crop development 
- setting up composts
- optimize water consumption
- medical monitoring of pupils
- organization of teaching at the future college 

- astronomical studies 
- sports, dance and music classes

Une bénévole de l'association Écoles du monde aide une femme malgache dans ses travaux au sein du Campus de Besely à Madagascar
Des femmes malgaches dansent au sein du Campus de Besely

 Become a sponsor

 Why become a sponsor?
Becoming a "Sponsor of Ecoles du Monde" means providing long-term support so that the organization can continue the work it has been doing for 18 years.


Thanks to your donations :
we benefit from regular resources for our projects

we know in advance the budget available for our actions

we reduce our fundraising management costs


With a regular donation :
you spread your donation throughout the year and receive a single tax receipt

you support our projects over the long term

you are free to change the amount or frequency of your donation, or to suspend it at any time, simply by calling 00 33 1 43 22 12 16.

Making a leg

What is a bequest?
A bequest is a testamentary decision by which a testator allocates all or part of his or her property to a person or organization.

What can be bequeathed?
You can choose to bequeath a variety of assets: real estate such as a house or land; personal property such as furniture, works of art, life insurance, copyright or simply a sum of money.


How is bequest money used?
We use bequest money according to your wishes, of course.  If you specify that your gift is to be used for education, it will be invested in schools, supplies or teachers' salaries.


If you want it to be invested in improving the water supply, it will be used to build new wells or water towers. If you prefer to invest in energy supply, it will be used to install and maintain new solar panels.

Une femme malgache porte son enfant sur le Campus de Besely à Madagascar
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