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In 1996, during a film shoot we discovered Madagascar. The name Madagascar evokes a land of plenty, with its magnificent beaches, wild forests and lemurs. 

A shooting takes several months, from location scouting and then the shooting. And as the weeks went by, we discovered a country bled dry, we went through cities in ruin, with children begging for money and sleeping on the sidewalks.


Life in the bush was apocalyptic, no proper school, no hospital, no roads, no food… Peasants left to their own devices, without health care, without accompaniment. We saw, with our own eyes, families eating roots!

It was impossible to ignore this poverty with our arms crossed. 

We could, like many, have written a cheque to Father Pedro who is doing an admirable job in Tananarive.

But after talking with him at length, we understood that he could not welcome all of Madagascar into his neighborhood. The opposite was necessary, to slow the exodus of the populations towards the mirage that the capital represents.

This is how the non-profit organization Ecoles du Monde was founded: the objective; to persuade villagers to remain in their land of origin.

To fight against this rural exodus through:

  • Education, to assure young people a future different from that of their parents

  • Economic development to offer villagers a better perspective for their everyday life

  • Reforestation and the preservation of biodiversity, which has such a unique importance for the country.

The bush has the right to education!

This is our conviction and our commitment. We have built schools in areas far from anything, abandoned by all, and which offer no future for the children.

Encourage the economic development of villages

Building on our past experience, Ecoles du Monde strived to come to the aid of the villages’ inhabitants in order for them to express and take charge of their economic development projects. Craft trades, reforestation, diverse economic activities were encouraged…

In Besely, new microcredits were recently put in place.

The Participation in reforestation and sustainability

In order to stem migration towards urban centers, it is indispensable to give to the inhabitants of villages in the bush the means to ameliorate their living conditions on the long term.







350 000



Charles Gassot

" Écoles du monde is 24 years old!...

I’ve just spend six months at our school in Besely, Madagascar, due to the Coronavirus and quarantine, and I am proud and happy to write you this message.

Firstly, we’re in good shape.

We respected our road map the best way possible.

Thanks to you and your faithful support, we were able to approve microcredits to the parents of children in our school. This important material support, it’s the promise of a better future for the children as well as their parents.


This year, our school now has a new library and a Skype classroom. In fact, beginning this year, fiber optics have been installed in Besely.

We have constructed :

-       an astronomical observatory, which will be developed in the next few months, by welcoming researchers and the amateur public from all the world over

-       a new house for the children,

-       sanitary blocks equipped with toilets and showers,

-       a rehearsal and performance room, dedicated to theater, danse and music.

As to the junior high school, we have started the second phase of construction work.

Beginning this year 6th and 7th grade classes will be opened. They will also benefit from a new work laboratory and a library which are now being finished.

We have created and planted a medicinal plant garden, our Malagasy agronomy engineer will be conducting a systematic census of plants in the region.

Researchers specialized in astronomy, in medicinal plants and other disciplines will also be able to carry out their research and be comfortably housed. This offer of comfortable housing in the bush is a first, and will allow us to develop partnerships with international universities.

Our guest houses have been renovated. This way we will be able to house our volunteers under the best conditions.

Our volunteers Marc and Tiphaine, on site in 2020, benefited from the teachers free time to give them individual remedial courses. 

In spite of the drastic measures taken by the government authorities, we were able to maintain summer classes in each part of Besely, to the great joy of the students, but also their parents, who discovered their children speak French, and have learned how to write, while they themselves are illiterate and only speak Malagasy.

Our new volunteers, Marie-Christine and Philippe are already on the site for two years.


Mirana, the junior high school director, has taken her post. Her perfect understanding of secondary school education, French and the arts will allow the junior high students to ameliorate their culture in general.

During 24 years, we have supported various ways of developing villages and schools. Based on our long-term knowledge and experience, we understand today, that based in the Besely campus, we can carry out our actions in a more efficient and pragmatic way. The specific nature of our work rests now on the fact that we have chosen to fully engage on this site and to resist the temptation to spread ourselves too thin.

It’s by concentrating all of our efforts on one region and on the children that we can follow from kindergarten to junior high, and we hope up until high school, that we can help the bush population to achieve auto sufficiency and autonomy, our top priority.

The progressive arrival of secondary school teachers, agronomical engineers, specialists in solar energy, water supply, researchers in astronomy, in medicinal plants in Besely, will be the test, to see if it is possible to raise the living standard of this disenfranchised region, and to then reproduce this model in other poor and underprivileged regions. We hope that our new generation of school will become a reference for all and that it will be recognized and studied as an innovative project.

I know that this year has been particularly trying for you all, but you know that without you, without your support, it would be impossible to carry on our actions.

From the bottom of my heart, we thank you for staying by our side, all my best wishes to you all.



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